E-commerce boxes

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E-commerce boxes

Whilst its true the first impression of your company and products is made online the first physical interaction is when your package arrives. This is why the packaging is so important and plays a crucial role on whether or not the customers expectations of your brand and product are met positively. After all, a good first impression goes a long way to help with customer retention and positive reviews.

What makes good Ecommerce packaging?

Functionality – Lets not forget the primary function of the box is to get your product from A to B whilst suitably protecting the contents and brand in transit.

Simplistic design – whilst the packaging must protect its goods its extremely important for the box to be ‘frustration free’ It needs to be easy and intuitive to open so simplicity and a minimalistic approach are key. Ensure the size is suitable (no-one likes to see a huge wasteful box with a small product rattling around in it!) and reduce any unnecessary packaging materials, this can not only help with the packaging cost but also helps the environment by using less material and carbon emissions. All positives to help with overall customer experience.

Unboxing experience – How sharable is your unboxing experience?This is crucial with the advent of social media and goes hand in hand with the simplistic design approach. Encouragement of sharing the unboxing experience will get your brand and product noticed on socials, why not let the packaging serve a secondary role of advertising your goods and services?

Print – Create the ‘wow’ factor! Current UK trends point to a vibrant simple well executed artwork to the inside of the packaging, this follows on from the unboxing experience, an unassuming brown box on the outside with a dash of colour and branding on the inside goes a long way to creating that ‘wow’ factor whilst unboxing.

Sustainability – Ensure your packaging is fully recyclable and comes with environmental accreditations.

How can Prior Packaging help with your E-commerce packaging requirements?

Our knowledgable and approachable staff are on hand to guide you through the process, with in- house design and sample making facilities we’re only a brief away from releasing your brand from the world wide web direct to consumers. We’re able to print both sides of the board using eco-friendly water based inks with multiple colours, apply self seal tape and easy opening perforations to create that frustration free packaging work perfectly to compliment your brand. We’re able to help with artwork to keep your packaging bang on trend and best of all we’re fully FSC certified so you can be assured your packaging comes from sustainable and responsibly managed forests.With the right investment and guidance your Ecommerce packaging can create a memorable unboxing experience, helping you stand out in a crowded marketplace and drive brand loyalty.

We have worked with some great brands, so what are you waiting for?

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