Point of sale displays

The possibilities are endless with a whole range of POS designs at our disposal all customisable in size, print and finish to suit the majority of products.

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Point of sale displays

With shelf space now at a premium many companies are turning to cardboard point of sale displays (POS) as a great way of attracting consumer’s attention to improve sales, they highlight the presence of your brand and of course attract impulse purchases whilst opening up a whole range of marketing opportunities.

Prior Packaging realise the importance of influencing consumer behaviour at the point of purchase is critical to improving sales success, it’s almost guaranteed to raise sales by simply being more visible. our aim is to create bespoke eye catching cardboard point of sale displays by combining the structure and graphics to maximise the visual impact and engage the consumer’s attention.

We offer a complete design and sampling service prior to manufacturing, we can even assemble or collate/pack your point of sale displays into outers ready for you to distribute to individual stores. Our cardboard point of sale displays can be found in most well known stores including Sainsbury’s, McColls, Clinton Cards and Staples.

Some of the more common cardboard POS displays are listed below but if your are having something different in mind, talk to one of our experienced design team – we thrive on designing outside the norm!

Case study


We were tasked by a calendar manufacturer to come up with a unique way of merchandising a specific firefighter calendar into Clinton Cards. The brief was as follows:-

  • Must prominently display the product with easy access
  • Different to the normal 9 pocket FSDUs or calendar shelving units
  • Quick and easy to assemble in store
  • Supplied flat packed in an outer for easy/quick onward distribution to individual stores.


The challenge was to come up with an idea that was different to the normal card/calendar shelving units commonly used in this market sector. We were allowed access to the product to assess the various options open to us and after an initial design consultation with the client it was quickly agreed we would go down the route of a full size firefighter standee made of corrugated board, the second most challenging part of the brief was how we would contain the product within the standee.


Based on the initial design consultation our client went away and organised a photo-shoot with which we could work with. The studio was able to use the photographs to draw around the outline of the model dressed as a firefighter to get the overall shape of the standee. A lot of thought was put into the models pose so it looked as if he was holding the calendars, where his hands were we were able to very cleverly construct a separate tray section that slotted onto the main standee with a capacity to hold 20 calendars. The standee was purposefully done in 2 pieces so we could fold it in half to allow it to be packed into a smaller folder for store distribution. These two pieces were then glued to a strut to make the standee stand up. The standee and how we displayed the product was such a success with our client they plan to do the same next year with different products.

Point of sale displays Case Study

Other work

We have worked with some great brands, so what are you waiting for?

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