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Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) also known as retail-ready packaging (RRP) or transit packaging is a functional and aesthetic solution designed to streamline the stock replenishment process for retailers and increase the visibility of products on store shelves. Shelf-ready packaging refers to a packaging solution that incorporates the needs of both manufacturers and retailers. It is usually created with the aim of reducing labour costs associated with restocking shelves and improving the overall shopping experience for customers. Common components of shelf-ready packaging include sturdy outer corrugated cardboard boxes, easy-to-open features, clear product information, and branding elements.

Why use shelf ready packaging – and what are the benefits to retailers?

Shelf-ready packaging optimises supply chain efficiency for retailers by reducing the time needed for merchandising and restocking products. Consolidating several products in a single case, along with clear instructions and easy access, allows for quicker unpacking, reducing labour costs and restocking time.

Improved Shelf Visibility

With well-designed shelf-ready packaging, retailers can create visually appealing displays that improve product visibility. Clear branding, front-facing orientation, and consistent packaging standards make it easier and faster for shoppers to locate products, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Reduced Damage

The sturdy and protective nature of shelf-ready packaging prevents products from getting damaged during transit and handling. This reduces the risk of waste and product loss due to bruising or breakage, which improves margins for retailers.

Benefits for Manufacturers include

SRPs allow manufactures to prominently display their brands, logos, and product information. This improved branding exposure helps create a professional image for the company, establishes brand recognition, and boosts customer loyalty.

Compliance with Retail Store Requirements

Retailers often have specific requirements regarding packaging dimensions and labeling. Shelf-ready packaging helps manufacturers meet these requirements, eliminating the need for additional repackaging, and ensuring seamless compatibility between products and retail environments.

Prior Packaging understand the nature of fast moving consumer goods and how such packaging solutions have become crucial for businesses aiming to efficiently manage their supply chains, meet customer expectations, and stay ahead in a highly competitive market. Being able to adapt to ever moving markets with packaging trends is vital.


Case study


To replicate an existing SRP which is being retailed in B&M but make significant cost savings, the brief was as follows

  • Must incorporate full colour print with a mid sheen finish
  • Must be able to withstand being palletised 7 cases high
  • Easy to access/open for store staff
  • Fully recyclable


The main challenge we encountered was keeping the 4 colour process print, with the existing size it meant a costly set-up of a size 6 press. Digital print was explored but due to the quantity involved it was decided a litho print would be much more cost effective. The next stage was to explore if the current size was fit for purpose, a full compliment of product was requested to explore the possibility of making the size more efficient. Once this was done it was quickly established by the in-house design team that by simply nesting the bagged product inside the box while still retaining a 2 product facing SRP we could reduce the size down and print on a much more cost effective B1 size press.  This also reduced down overall square meterage of material required to run the job


Further savings were made by changing  from a B flute (approx 2.5mm) corrugated board to an E flute (approx 1.5mm) corrugated board, this increased the amount of flat blanks to a pallet reducing the transport costs from us to the fulfilment centre. The reduced size SRP increased the pallet utilisation of finished goods going to B&M again, producing transport savings. We opted for an easy tear perforation rule on the cutter for its retained strength during transit and ease of opening in store. The mid sheen finish was achieved by using a gloss machine varnish. Overall the project was a huge success from the initial cost saving brief.

Shelf Ready Packaging Case Study

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