Cost Effective Packaging

Cost effective packaging? Have your packaging costs risen over the last few years? Do you find yourself describing packaging as a necessary evil?

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Cost Effective Packaging
Helping To Keep Costs Down

We’ve heard it all before and we understand that in this current economic market keeping costs to a minimum is paramount which is why we always strive to offer the most cost effective solution to your requirements. We offer a two prong approach to packaging; where packaging is already in existence we can either look at supplying your boxes like for like for a cheaper price – just tell us what price we need to beat and we’ll guarantee to give it our full attention.

Options & Solutions

The other option we offer is a consultative approach where we look at all aspects of the packaging and supply chain because sometimes buying your packaging for a cheaper price isn’t always the most cost effective answer. With your help we aim to look at your packaging from a completely different perspective.

Below are some recent examples of how we’ve been able to save our clients money.

  • A redesign of a die-cut pack saved over 30% in packing time, increasing their daily production output
  • A reconfiguration of product loading (from 6 x 6 to 4 x 9) increased pallet utilisation and reduced transport costs by 26%
  • A small design change reduced damage in transit from 20% to under 3%
  • A redesign of promotional packaging for a major UK supermarket produced savings of over £500,000

Typically changing from a white material to brown will have cost savings, or dependent on the use of the box we may be able to suggest a more cost effective material.


We’ve found that sometimes increasing the quantity for instance from 2000 to 2100 may take you to the next material price bracket and can make a significant difference.


The style of your packaging can have an effect on the cost, sometimes by switching to another design we are able to save on material costs, in our manufacturing process or in your packing time.


Is your box giving you the maximum possible pallet utilisation, thereby saving you transport costs.


With the advances in the flexographic and lithographic print technologies now may be a good time to re-evaluate your print. Switching from screen and in some cases litho to direct flexo printing will show a substantial saving. Likewise with the advancement of digital print small runs of bespoke packaging are becoming more cost effective and certainly cheaper than conventional litho which is suited mainly for larger runs.

We have worked with some great brands, so what are you waiting for?

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