Transit Boxes – Regular Glued Cases

Bespoke corrugated transit boxes to suit any product and application

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Transit Boxes – Regular Glued Cases

Transit packaging plays a vital role in the safe and efficient transportation of products across the supply chain. Transit packaging refers to the packaging materials and techniques used for protecting products during storage, handling, and transportation from the manufacturer’s location to the end destination. Its key purpose is to ensure that goods arrive at their destination in optimal condition without damage.

Key Considerations and Functionality:
Protection against Physical Damage

At Prior Packaging all our transit packaging is produced bespoke and designed to withstand various external mechanical forces, such as impacts, vibrations, compression, and changes in temperature and humidity that could potentially damage the products being transported. Adequate cushioning, stacking strength, and shock absorption qualities are crucial in safeguarding goods throughout the transit process. By putting the time in at the front end we’ve found we can mitigate the financial aspect associated with replacing or repairing damaged goods, thus maintaining customer satisfaction and avoiding any negative brand perception.

Product-Specific Packaging

We understand different products require different types of packaging materials and designs to ensure their protection during transit. Fragile items like glass or electronics often require specialised packaging with extra care to avoid breakage or component damage. Considering the specific requirements of each product can significantly reduce the risk of damages and help with cost savings.

Compliance and Safety

We work closely with our customers to ensure boxes comply with relevant regulations, certifications, and standards related to safety, environmental impacts, and labelling requirements. Compliance ensures the adherence to proper handling practices and reflects positively on the reputation of the company.

Efficient Use of Space

Optimising the use of container and / or pallet space is critical as it affects shipping costs and the overall sustainability of the operation. Efficient transit packaging solutions should minimise empty spaces, use stackable or nest-able designs, and consider weight restrictions to maximise the use of available transportation resources. This contributes to a smoother, more streamlines supply chain process enabling faster loading/unloading, ease of identification and simplified inventory management.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

Our aim is to provide sustainable transit packaging options, such as using recyclable materials or reusable packaging which support environmental goals and reduce waste. Furthermore, efficient packaging reduces transportation-related emissions through optimised space usage and packaging weight.

Prior Packaging – Rochester, Kent.

Case study


‘This’ a plant based food manufacturer tasked Prior Packaging with designing a corrugated transit box to hold 6 x packs of plant based chicken tikka pieces. The full brief included

  • boxes must ensure safe transport from factory to Waitrose stores.
  • boxes must withstand being palletised 1.6m high
  • boxes must be suitable for refrigerated cool chain.
  • incorporate a simple one colour print to easily identify products to store staff.


The challenge was to ensure the boxes could withstand being palletised and a careful selection of papers/material had to be considered. Although each box only contained approx. 2kg being stacked multiple high meant the bottom case had to withstand a weight of approx 30kg+ with little product support to prevent case failure.


We selected an 0201 glued case as the most cost effective solution utilising a bespoke size with no tooling costs. The design team put all the parameters into our box compression software to give us a theoretical case safety load. From this information we could work back from paper edge crush test (ECT) data to select a fit for purpose board grade. It was decided to add a slightly heavier than normal flute grammage as a safety factor to allow for the child conditions the boxes would encounter. The result was an 0201 glued case in the specified board grade printed, slotted and glued in one pass on a case maker machine, suffice to say our calculations proved to be accurate a the cases withstood the weight and rigours of palletised transport leaving us with a very satisfied customer.

Transit Boxes – Regular Glued Cases Case Study

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