For full colour printed boxes Prior Packaging can lithographically (litho) print your artwork directly onto a paper which is then laminated onto corrugated board combining maximum visual appeal with strength and durability of corrugated. This process is know as litho lam packaging.

Bespoke full colour printed boxes can be produced in any shape/design or size to suit a wide multitude of products, we can litho print and laminate to any corrugated material ranging from G flute (800mic) to BC flute (6.5mm) up to 6 colours with different finishes including gloss/matt varnishes, OPP laminates, foil blocking.

This print process is best suited to larger quantities usually for retail packaging when maximum visual impact is required so if you want to make the next step up in packaging talk to us about the possibilities of litho print, we can’t guarantee your sales but we do promise it will make it easier!

For smaller quantities of full colour printed boxes we now have the option to digitally print, ideal for multiple prints as digital printing requires no printing plates or stereos

Die-cut regular glued/stitched cases/wraps

Die-cut and mail order/e-commerce boxes

SRPs (Shelf ready packaging)

Crash lock cartons

Brewery Boxes