Bespoke cardboard transit boxes or corrugated packaging is a flexible medium widely used in almost every industry as a cost effective solution for a variety of purposes including:

  • Transportation of goods from A to B safely and securely whether by courier or a palletised load,
  • Transport and display products onto supermarket shelves (shelf ready packs),
  • Collate multiple boxes/goods for distribution.

With our vast knowledge and broad portfolio we pride ourselves on our ability to look at all aspects of your supply chain  making recommendations to reduce costs – what challenges do you face? Our team are ready to assist you in making cost savings, increasing your productivity or reducing your carbon footprint. See how a bespoke cardboard transit box can save you money. by talking to one of our experienced team.

We’ve currently helped many clients in industries such as food & drink (wholesale/retail), e-commerce, retail, publishing, industrial engineering, breweries, household goods, automative, medical /pharmaceutical and cosmetics mainly throughout Kent, London, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Herefordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

We can manufacture bespoke cardboard transit boxes to suit your individual needs in various styles and materials, some of which are listed below.

Case Study


We were asked to design a bespoke cardboard transit box for a new subscription service where clients sign up to receive a weekly/monthly box of locally sourced goodies.

  • To design a box suitable for posting
  • Must be printed on both sides
  • The client wanted the ‘wow’ factor when the box was opened
  • Fully recyclable


The challenge was to design a bespoke cardboard transit box that would arrive at its destination with the goods intact and with minimal damage to the box itself. A lot of consideration and sample trials went into which structure and material would best suit this application.


The resulting packaging design was a fefco 0427, selected due to having 4 layers of material on the ends from the double turnovers giving maximum corner/end protection to help it travel safely through the postal system. Another benefit to this structure is the hinged top opening so the print on the inside of the lid could give the ‘wow’ factor when opened by the end user. A high grade E flute material with kraft liners inside and outside was selected for two reasons; firstly when printing both sides it gives a much better print surface for a top quality print and secondly it adds to the strength of the packaging with kraft virgin paper fibres as opposed to the normal recycled papers. The production run had to be watched very closely due to the registration of the print between the 2 sides and great care was taken to make sure the print to die-cut register was perfect. The cardboard transit box has been an overriding success with no reported damages and plenty of positive packaging comments from the end users.

Subscription mailer box

Other Work