Solid board cartons are normally used for the primary individual packaging of goods, sometimes called carton board or folding cartons it’s thinner than fluted corrugated material providing an excellent base for direct lithographic (litho) printing photographic images. Cartons have 2 main functions, firstly they serve to protect the product from point of manufacture to the end use and secondly and arguably just as important they need to sell and promote your product.

Prior packaging specialise in supplying plain and printed solid board cartons to industries across the south east of England including, food and drink, confectionary, snack-box, publishing, gift boxes, retail, industrial and cosmetics.

We work hard with clients to develop printed cartons that will catch the consumer’s eye whilst retaining consistency through existing brand awareness. We strive to constantly develop new approaches and techniques to the design process that in turn will increase your sales and profitability. What can we do to your solid board cartons to make it stand out just that little more than your competitors? Speak to one of our experienced team to see.

We’re able to offer print up to 8 colours with different finishes including gloss/matt varnishes, OPP laminates, specialist varnishes, foil blocking, embossing and window patching. The most common types of materials used for solid board cartons are coated white lined chip board (CWLC) and coated folding box board (FBB) which is superior in quality, both materials can be used on any of the below styles; all styles are made to bespoke sizes according to the product.


Create a premium visual impression for plastic tray products by adding a fully printed sleeve, ideal if a carton isn’t required. Sleeves can be produced to full or part width to machine pack or we can supply glued for hand packing, they can be printed and finished in the full range of effects.


Crash lock carton/snap lock carton

Crash lock cartons as with the corrugated are ideal when time is of the essence; they are supplied flat with glued bases for quick assembly whereas snap lock cartons are assembled by had and ‘snap’ together.


Carry packs

Mainly used for carrying multiple bottles or tins in the drinks industry we use a kraft carrier material as it has a high tenstile strength making it ideal to withstand the weight of the products whilst being carried.

Straight line glued cartons

Cartons can come in a variety of designs probably the most common is a glued reverse or parallel tuck end carton, we can advise of the best design dependent on the product, application of the packaging and supply chain.



Machine glued skillets are commonly used with high speed automated packing lines an example of which would be cereal boxes. They can be manufactured in a range of materials and finishes with tear strips and window patches


Pick and place windows

Using an automated pick and place system we can combine carton board with a plastic PET material to create a window. The advantage of this system over conventional window patching is the ability to window around corners and large areas of space to give maximum product visual without compromising on the integrity of the carton.