With shelf space now at a premium many companies are turning to cardboard point of sale displays (POS) as a great way of attracting consumers’ attention to improve sales, they highlight the presence of your brand and of course attract impulse purchases whilst opening up a whole range of marketing opportunities.

Prior Packaging realise the importance of influencing consumer behaviour at the point of purchase is critical to improving sales success, it’s almost guaranteed to raise sales by simply being more visible. Our aim is to create bespoke eye catching displays by combining the structure and graphics to maximize the visual impact and engage the consumer’s attention.

We offer a complete design and sampling service prior to manufacturing, we can even assemble or collate/pack your displays into outers ready for you to distribute to individual stores. Our displays can be found in most well known stores including Sainsbury’s, McColls, Clinton cards and Staples

The possibilities are endless with a whole range of POS designs at our disposal all customisable in size, print and finish to suit the majority of products. Some of the more common cardboard POS displays are listed below but if you have something different in mind talk to one of our experienced design team – we thrive on designing outside the norm!

Floor standing display units (FSDU)

Corrugated floor standing display units act as additional shelf space for retail environments; they can be used for one or a number of differing sized products all under the same brand


Counter top display (CDU)

Counter displays are generally smaller than floor standing units holding less products but are strategically placed onto retail point of purchase counters attracting the attention of consumers when they pay for their goods.


Promotional standee

Standees are lightweight cardboard displays used to communicate a marketing message or to promote a particular brand or product. They can be of any shape usually fully printed and oversized so as to be noticed by potential consumers.

Dump Bins

Cardboard dump bins are free standing open displays often used for small loose products usually the base is printed with a solid colour with interchangeable bespoke printed headers


Pallet shippers

Pallet shippers or merchandising units are displays on pallets used to ship bulk quantities of products pre-filled by the manufacturer direct to the shop floor ready for the consumers to pick from in the retail environment.