Presentation packaging or rigid paper covered boxes are the most luxurious of packaging boxes used mainly as gift boxes in the cosmetics, chocolate, retail and media industries they can be vital in displaying an items value. Gift packaging protects and displays the item giving a real sense of luxury and value and unlike most packaging they look so luxurious people usually keep the product in the boxes for special occasions!

Prior Packaging concentrate on producing tailor made luxury presentation boxes for prestigious brands from a wide range of materials and specialist paper coverings all of which can be litho printed, embossed, foil blocked or laminated to suit your individual requirements. Weather you need a simple rigid box and lid or a lavish silk lined hinged magnetic gift box we are well equipped to ensure the packaging adds value to your product.

Here are a few styles of rigid presentation packaging which can be made to any size and finish.

Separate box and lid

A box with a separate lift of lid covered and personalized as required. Lid can be part or full depth. Can be used with card inserts, silk linings or vac form trays


Slip cases

Slipcases usually accommodate books, DVDs or printed literature; normally open one end for easy access

Shoulder boxes

Shoulder boxes are very similar to separate box and lids but the lid is held in place by a shoulder so the lid sits flush with the top of the box


Round boxes

Round boxes are exactly that – round. Usually with a separate lift part depth lid. Used as hat boxes, chocolate boxes or drinks packaging