Bespoke corrugated packaging is a flexible medium widely used in almost every industry as a cost effective solution for a variety of purposes including


  • Transportation of goods from A to B safely and securely
  • Transport and display products onto supermarket shelves (shelf ready packs)
  • To act as a selling aid with effective print
  • Collate multiple boxes/goodsfor distribution
  • Counter top display units (CDU)


With our vast knowledge and broad portfolio we pride ourselves on our ability to look at all aspects of your supply chain making recommendations to reduce costs, whether it be directly on your boxes or a different palletisation or packing patterns saving in logistic/transport costs – what challenges do you face? our team are ready to assist you in making cost savings, increasing your productivity or reducing your carbon footprint.

We’ve currently helped many clients in industries such as food & drink (wholesale/retail), ecommerce, retail, publishing, industrial engineering, breweries, household goods, automotive, medical/pharmaceutical and cosmetics mainly throughout Kent, London, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Herefordshire, Norfolk and Sufffolk.

We can manufacture bespoke cardboard boxes to suit your individual needs in various styles and materials, some of which are listed below.

Regular glued/stitched cases

Probably the most common type of bespoke corrugated packaging we produce, easy to assemble with flaps top and bottom that can be taped/stitched closed, offers good stacking and overall strength. We can produce conventional cardboard boxes in single-wall and double-wall material to any size printed or plain. Most common style 0201 (flaps top and bottom) and an 0200 (flaps bottom only) and an 0203 (outer flaps fully overlap)


Die-cut boxes

Bespoke corrugated boxes produced in any shape/design or size to suit a wide multitude of products all of which can be printed and supplied in various thicknesses and finishes of material to suit individual client needs. Most common styles include die-cut 0427 pizza boxes or 0422 trays


Mail Order/eCommerce 

With the retail industry changing in favour of online shopping we’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of clients needing to purchase mailing boxes with the sole purpose of protecting goods in the courier/postal system. Postal boxes need to be robust enough to withstand the rigours of automated picking lines, transport and sometimes heavy man handling! Prior Packaging has learnt a lot through many challenges over the years about how to protect the most valuable or fragile items from glass bottles, designer glass radiators or Christmas wreaths. Do you have problems with breakages in transit – give us a challenge? all designs will be tailor made to suit individual specific requirements.

Shelf ready packs (SRP)

You can’t go to the supermarket without purchasing something from a retail ready pack, designed specifically for rapid replenishment of goods with maximum visual shelf appeal, SRPs are placed directly on the shelf with minimal amounts of unpacking. Normally printed onto to enhance the effect. Prior packaging realize the importance placed on the SRPs by major UK retailers, working with our clients we constantly look to develop innovative new ideas to assist with productivity, end user experience and maximum efficiency.


Crash lock cartons

Designed specifically with speed of your packing lines in mind crash lock boxes are supplied with a fully glued base and are assembled by simply pushing the sides of the case in seconds, fully customizable with print these are ideal for larger runs when packing time needs to be kept to a minimum.


Brewery Gift Boxes

Working with Micro Breweries and large scale breweries over the years we’ve become somewhat experts in bespoke brewery gift boxes! from individual pint glass boxes, 4 x 500ml bottle boxes and even yard of Ale boxes we’re perfectly positioned to help you start selling gift boxes. Available printed or plain in different styles including a gift box with an integral cardboard carry handle that can be stacked in the shop or on a shelf. Ask us about the various options available, quantities start from as little as 500.